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About Maya - MAYA Window Films

About Us

MAYA for Trading and Contracting started in 2001 as the first Syrian company that is specialized in contracting and general maintenance. In 2006, we became the sole agent in the region for the French company REFLECTIV, the largest manufacturer of window films and glass adhesives in Europe.

Over a decade of providing professional services that are associated with window film technologies (protection, decoration, heat control), the company took the approach of providing high-quality products that are classified according to the European emission standards, Euro classes.

Today, MAYA has the largest market share in the field of Security Window Films. In 2016, the number of our customers exceeded 400 including (embassies, international organizations and institutions, banks and insurance companies, universities, training and educational centers, ....).

Through its 16-year history, the company has gained many advantages to be the best choice in providing Window Film services. MAYA has taken the lead in this field by adhering to the international standards and selecting the best products in the world.

MAYA believes that efficient and effective work requires appropriate expertise and competencies, since its methodology is embodied in the teams’ expertise, who are passionate about their services to the community. In addition to the constant efforts to provide the best results based on the knowledge of customers’ needs and providing effective solutions which fulfill their desires.

MAYA constantly seeks to keep pace with the latest developments in the world to become the most important local company in the field of window solutions technology. That is achieved through continuous research and improvement, besides developing the technical team’s skills and competencies and enhancing the company’s various departments.

We are proud of installing more than 200,000 square meters of Security Window Films over the past 15 years. During the past years, Security Window Films have proven their effectiveness in protecting people and property inside the facilities that have used our products. We have set our goal in the coming years to provide people everywhere with safety and security.

Detailed information:

               Trade Name: MAYA for Trading & Contracting

               Headquarters: Syria - Damascus

               Date of establishment: March 25, 2001

               Founder and CEO: Wael Kiwan

               Vision: Pioneers in Window Films technology in Syria.

               Mission: Using our expertise professionally to provide the best solutions related to Windows Films for all establishments and individuals who want to have a distinguished service.

Thank You Certificates

2013 - Letter of thanks from Al Baraka Bank Syria - General Administration - Damascus - Shahbandar.

2014 – Letter of thanks from the Iraqi Embassy in Damascus – Al Malky.

2014 – Letter of thanks from the International Bank for Trade and Finance - Damascus - Pakistan Street.

2014 - A letter of thanks from Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi - Hama Branch - Al Quwatli St.

2014 - A letter of thanks from Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi - Shahbandar.

2014 - A letter of thanks from Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi - 29 May Branch.

2015 - A letter of thanks from Banque Bemo Saudi Fransi - General Administration.


Our Values:

MAYA's values reflect the principles of the past years, which are considered the base of the business approach and the key reference for employees’ decision making. That Helped us achieve success and maintain our position as one of the most recognized companies in the region.


1. Proud of our Mission:

We are proud of achieving leadership by offering unprecedented products in Syria, and providing services that stem from the community's need for safety and security. That has encouraged us to look for more excellence and innovation opportunities and provide modern products.


2. Quality First:

In MAYA, we have adopted the highest quality standards in the world by selecting our services that are rated as the best products according to the Euro class. Our services have satisfied customers for ten years, and we will always follow suggestions in order to achieve the maximum customers’ satisfaction.


3. Ethics are a High Value:

Work ethics are considered the base of the company’s culture, which is the behavior of our employees as responsible people inspired by the integrity and objectivity that is reflected in their words and actions. That makes MAYA’s environment based on fair evaluation to reflect those values positively through dealings with customers.


4. Continuous Professionalism and Development:

The company’s professional team is committed to do all their tasks with a high level of perfection. We are keen to develop the performance of our team, administrators and technicians, who are always eager to carry out their tasks efficiently and effectively and meet the aspirations of customers.


5. Team Spirit:

We work together in a balanced spirit to achieve the company's core goals, we also seek to learn from each other to constantly develop our skills and offer our customers the best service that is based on respect and embracing cultural differences to be harmonized together as a rainbow.


6. Community Safety is a Responsibility:

At MAYA, we have a range of socially responsible activities. Our presence as a part of the community makes us responsible for supporting and developing the community and the environment, taking care of initiatives that are concerned with the safety of people, and raising awareness of occupational safety within our communities