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FAQs - MAYA Window Films


» How is window film applied?

Professional installers clean the glass using special cleaning solutions and razor blade scrapers - this process removes the smallest pieces of dirt. A piece of film is cut to the size of your window and the release liner is removed. The film and glass are sprayed with a special solution, positioned and applied to the glass using a professional grade tools.

» Can I install window film myself?

No, window films do require professional installation. Our films are installed by experienced, highly trained, They are dedicated to providing quality service and you will have the peace of mind with a our warranty.

» How long will window film last?

Our window films are made to last for lifetime.

» Can I remove the film?

Yes we can remove the film using special tools. ((i.e.: decorative, style, color …).

» Does window film require special care or cleaning?

No, after the dry-out process is completed (we recommend 30 days), clean your filmed window with a normal household cleaner or ammonia based products (Windex) using a soft, lint-free cloth. 

Do not use rough or abrasive products as they will scratch or damage the film.

 » How long does it take for window film to dry?

We suggest allowing thirty days for the film to fully dry and cure. During this curing process, it is normal to have small water bubbles and/or a hazy appearance. These will disappear as the film dries; depending upon the film type and weather conditions, drying may take as much as 30 (or even 45) days, or as little as a few days. Once dried, Our Window Films will look great and perform for many years to come.

» Will window film distort my vision while looking out?

They are optically clear window films are virtually undetectable after installation.

» What is the best time to install window film?

Window film can be applied year round.

» Can window film be applied to any surface?

No, it is designed to be installed on smooth window glass.



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