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Expo Reconstruct - Damascus, Syria - MAYA Window Films

Expo Reconstruct - Damascus, Syria

With the auspices of Engineer Hussein Arnous, the Minister of Public Works, the first exhibition for the reconstruction of Syria placed in DamaRose Hotel - Damascus from 24 to 26 November was made under the slogan “Syrians build Syria"  Where MAYA Trading & Contracting Company participated from the belief that the next phase of reconstruction should be written by Syrian hands all over the nation.




MAYA provided throughout the exhibition, which has seen a remarkable concern from businessmen, contractors and interested people in construction, a number of direct experiments which showed the effectiveness and efficiency of the products offered by the company. 

 Studies worldwide demonstrate that 70% of injuries in case of terrorist attacks are caused by glass fragments, so MAYA company has clarified the robustness of protection and security films which shown by smashing a large panel of glass protected by  protection and safety films and it remained stable  throughout the days of the exhibition. Also It thrown several times heavy weights from a high on a protected glass panels, which led to broke the panels, but it kept  in a fixed place without turning into fragments.




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MAYA revealed through an experiment on the sunshine protection films how these films prevent sun glare to pass through the glass and thereby reduce cooling costs, and when keeping the UV and IR out, it protects persons and skin and preserve furniture.  

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 In addition MAYA offered in its own pavilion a wide range of decorative and patterns products that are widely acclaimed and obtained satisfaction of all the visitors.


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The exhibition included several different areas each one represents a part in the construction services sector and which are the following:

-   Field of building and construction

-  Field of real estate services.

-  Field of energy and dynamics.

-   Field of technical consultancy.

-  Infrastructure field.Mechanical and electrical undertakings (Ketromekanek)

-  Banks and insurance companies.


 Mr. Wael Kiwan, general manager of MAYA,Explained that the importance of the participation in this exhibition come from a required reply  to the need of reconstruction Syria at all levels for the next phase, He also confirmed that Maya staff hopes to achieve the objectives of the company by building a secured and protected society in a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere  , and  he promised that the company will remain at the expectations of their customers and its products will receive their satisfaction permanently.


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