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Safety and Security Tips - MAYA Window Films

Security and safety from mortar shells

Unfortunately, many accidents occur today and security and safety measures have become one of the most important things that we should give them some time to protect ourselves and everything we love from these dangers.

Because we are concerned with the community’s safety and security, MAYA, for trading and contracting has done a research on the dangers of artillery and missile shells, and what should be done to reduce their risks. This article will tackle this subject according to the following three titles:

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Security and safety in winter storms

Damascus - Syria: Winter storms range from winter weather with mild rain and snow to windstorms driven by strong wind that last for several days. Some of these storms may have significant effects, for that we must be prepared to overcome them. This is because storms are associated with a significant reduction of temperature; strong winds, ice, frost, along with rain and icy rain.

Regardless of the intensity of this storm, we must be prepared to face such storms every winter to remain safe and secured. It is MAYA's concern to spread the culture of safety and security to individuals and society. Let us review together an important set of points that must be considered in winter storms.

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Safety with the first rain showers in winter

With the first rain drops .... Beware of the risk of slipping

At the beginning of winter and with the first drops of rain on streets, accidents increase because of water pools in streets in addition to petroleum, dust and rubber of vehicles’ tires.

When rain falls for the first time during winter, the materials on the road turns into a viscous material that results in slipping. The driver then becomes unable to control his vehicle since the tires cannot hold onto the road surface despite using the brakes.

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Safety and security tips for children when returning to school

It's time to review some of the safety and security points of going back to school with your children and their schools.

With the school return, it gets more crowded as families return from their holidays outside the city; crowded public transport and lots of people walking in the streets. Under current conditions, risks are always present, so it is important to put the family’s own emergency plan in which MAYA team recommends to adopt when needed to get out of these conditions safely.

We will summarize the six most important points for the security and safety of your family during this period of the year:

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How should we receive Eid in good health?

Out of MAYA’s interest in safety and security for our loved country Syria, it is our pleasure to present you with a wide range of tips and important steps to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for everyone we love around us.

With the end of the holy month of Ramadan and the preparations to celebrate Eid al-Fitr by giving alms and preparing delicious meals, it is known that as usual we will face a number of challenges, the biggest is our bodies’ health. Therefore, we are pleased to present our first advice.

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