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Security and safety in winter storms - MAYA Window Films

Security and safety in winter storms

Damascus - Syria: Winter storms range from winter weather with mild rain and snow to windstorms driven by strong wind that last for several days. Some of these storms may have significant effects, for that we must be prepared to overcome them. This is because storms are associated with a significant reduction of temperature; strong winds, ice, frost, along with rain and icy rain.

Regardless of the intensity of this storm, we must be prepared to face such storms every winter to remain safe and secured. It is MAYA's concern to spread the culture of safety and security to individuals and society. Let us review together an important set of points that must be considered in winter storms.



Before winter storms occur

In fact, preparing for winter storms is not difficult, since doing some usual things will contribute to reducing the damage of storms. The following are some of these important actions:

        Adequate water should be provided for at least three days (1 gallon per person a day).

        Canned food that is enough for at least three days for all members of the house.

        Preparing battery-powered lights in addition to extra batteries that are charged and ready for use.

        Making sure to have a first aid kit that includes the most important tools.

        Keeping copies of personal and identification papers in a portable bag.

        Having digging and drilling tools to clean the road if needed.

        Your vehicle fuel tank must be filled so that the fuel does not freeze.

        Install Safety and Security Films to your windows' glass to reduce the risk of storms.

        Safety and Security Window Films also help to keep the cold out and the warmth inside.

        Do not forget to clean your heater and stoves on an annual basis.



During storms:

        Listen to news via the radio, and if there were any instructions to listeners, make sure to follow them.

        Remember that running water prevents freezing if you needed to use it.

        Stay indoors and make sure to wear woolen clothes that help warm the body.

        Maintain constant heating in the mornings and evenings.

        Do not forget to help older people who live alone.

        If you had to use heating sources that emit carbon monoxide like gas, be aware that you have to change the air of the room regularly to avoid poisoning.

        Drink water and hot drinks to keep your body warm.

        Eat meals regularly to provide your body with required energy.

        Keep your clothes dry and replace wet clothes immediately so that you do not lose your body temperature.



After the storm:

The day after the storm, the weather may seem calm and beautiful and the sun is bright. Many believe that the weather became safe and it is possible to proceed with normal activities, but we must consider some necessary things before returning to our normal life:

        Avoid driving the car until conditions become appropriate, since roads will be slippery and unsafe.

        Scrape the ice around the house and the roof before it freezes.

        Be aware that you may have heart attacks when scraping snow.

        Do not forget to reassure your neighbors if they needed any help.

It is true that long and critical hours may pass us when these storms occur, but with sufficient awareness we will be able to overcome them with the least possible damage. We wish the best for our country and hope that you will all be healthy and safe.

The following are some important phone numbers that we may need in such circumstances:

Civil Defense 5433507 - Traffic Emergency 25410505 - Electricity Emergency 2220401 - Rural Emergency 3328920 - Emergency Relief 112 - Ambulance 110 - Water and Sanitation Emergency 114


MAYA Trading & Contracting Team

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